what happens in a therapy session?

I start by using hypnosis to put you into a deeply relaxed state, this allows the conscious analytical part of the mind to be quietened, while allowing us to access the subconscious part of your mind. This is where all your memories are stored, rather like a vault, a vault of memories that are connected to your presenting issue. By reviewing these past events you gain an understanding as to why your presenting issue is still affecting you in your life even today.

We are then able to work together using a set of techniques to release old beliefs, patterns and behaviours and to restore you back to balance. The old, outdated beliefs can then be upgraded to new, more beneficial beliefs that align with who you are today and how you want to be. Giving you your power and freedom back.

You will then receive a personalised recording which you will listen to for at least 21 days. This reinforces the powerful work done within the session.

is hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy has many wonderful therapeutic benefits, so it’s important to dispel any misconceptions that have been created by society.

Hypnotherapy and stage hypnotism are not the same.

You cannot be hypnotised against your will and cannot think, do or say anything that you do not want to.

It is very safe, and you are always in control. You can come out of hypnosis at any time.

Hypnosis is actually a very natural state to be in, it is very similar to daydreaming, and we all go in and out of hypnosis on daily basis without even knowing.

During hypnosis don’t expect to feel anything more than just deeply relaxed.

how long is a session?

Each Rapid Transformational Therapy session lasts anywhere between 90 minutes and 2 hours. But always allow up to 2 hours when booking a session.

how will i feel after a session?

Everyone is different and depends on how deeply the healing has gone. You may feel on a high or buzzing after a big release full of excitement or you may feel tired, calm and reflective as your mind and body re-balance.

You may even feel tired for a day or two afterwards, it is all part of the healing process and is a good sign your body is letting go.

Healing also continues after the session as the body releases more, especially if you have released a deep-rooted cause. You may notice other memories coming into your awareness as well as feelings and emotions that come to the surface to be felt and released.

It is all completely normal. You have struck gold and are beginning to heal on a deep level.

how many sessions will i need?

Hypnosis allows us to find the source of your presenting issue much more rapidly saving you hours or even years in talk therapy.

But everyone is different and depending on how deeply rooted your issue is and how long you have been experiencing the issue will depend on how many sessions are required.

Some clients can have massive breakthroughs in just one session, while others my need one to three sessions. If you have a more complex or deep-rooted issue it may take several sessions. (Anxiety or long-term depression are examples of this)

*Please note that RTT only works with one issue at a time as the mind cannot focus on more than one issue. If you have more than one issue that needs healing this would require a separate session for that issue.

After seeing the incredible, rapid shifts that RTT brings, many choose to continue to work on other areas of their life.

is there anyone who you cannot work with?

Unfortunately, I cannot work with those who are suffering from Epilepsy or with psychiatric conditions such as Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Personality disorders or Bipolar.

Some of the conditions that can be helped with RTT

Anger, Anxiety, Childhood Trauma, Confidence, Depression, Fears, Migraines, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Procrastination, PTSD, Public Speaking, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Sleep Problems, Smoking, Stress, Unresolved Trauma, Weight